Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life,s Log

My maternal grandfather, Mark C. Dana Sr., was in the U.S. Navy when he was a young man and served during the Spanish American war. My mother's sister Alice wrote a poem for him about all his children, using the context that they were ships. She had a great talent for words.

Life's Log's

By Alice L. Dana Glenn

With my memory scope before me,

and few words at my command.

I am guided by the pictures

I see painted by your hands.

From colors blended round the world,

and with spirit young and bold,

You splashed across a canvas white--

Pictures navy--blue and gold.

Your eager heart dropt anchor then

To seek its own convoy,

The skipper Myrtle B. gave forth

An answering, "Ship Ahoy!"

Ten sturdy ships you've cast adrift,

To sail our brave and free,

Like cloud-ships on a fallen sky,

Mirrored in a glassy sea.

The Margaret held precident,

Of even keel was she,

With chartered course and sails equipt,

She sailed out gloriously.

Following close upon the waves,

The Alice L. gave S.O.S.,

With mid-night squals and signal flares

That often spoke of deep distress. (Isn't that awful).

Now view yon freighter, Theodore,

Plowing bravely through a foam

Of snowy ribbons 'neath her bows,

Rudder ever turning home.

The Robert H. was sturdy built,

A rough and ready tanker,

She tackled ev'ry obstacle,

Ne'er stopt until she sank her.

Through morning stars and sunsets glow,

Silver compass in the sky,

The Ruth A. proudly set afloat,

And Carried well her mast-held high.

When sister ships were flound'ring near,

The trawler Pauline did her stuff,

Reluctant ever to slow down,

When sailing go a little rough.

Lines submarine, the John Fred'rick

Was kindred of the mighty surge,

When radar warned of danger near

She gave the order to submerge.

The Charles A. Dana sailed her watch,

Gleaming beacon in the night,

With healing on her every deck,

New wisdom spotted on her sight.

A steady faithful carrier,

The Ray D. sailed into view--

With gyro pilot once installed (Betty)

Her course ran straight and true.

The Mark Churchill brought up the rear,

Destined to go far is she.

With one last muster of your pride,

You sent your namesake to the sea.

Though storms have come and beat upon

Each craft both large and small,

Your mar'ner's hands have guided well

All ships at port of call.

And when the final roll is called,

And life's log all complete,

May every chris'ened ship you've launched

Be there to join--The Fleet!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well here goes. This blog will be about my ancestors, the Dana and Greene families of Ohio. My mother was a Dana(Pauline Eunice Dana nee Harris). I will be posting pictures, letters, articles, etc. Some pictures will be posted in the hope someone(relative or other persons) will be able to identify said pictures.

The picture shown is of my husband David and I at the 2008 reunion of the Greene family in Newport Ohio. With us is my cousin Betsy(neice of my maternal grandmother Myrtle Greene nee Dana).